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Our history

The art of Belgian and French cuisine

Located opposite the European Parliament, Quartier Leopold invites you to discover our brasserie which offers quality Belgian and French cuisine. We are proud to offer you a unique culinary experience in a contemporary design decor. Our team of experienced chefs strives to prepare flavorful dishes with the freshest ingredients, while respecting Belgian and French culinary traditions.


Our Heritage

Over 20 years of culinary experience


Family values passed down from generation to generation

Founded in 2003 by Michel Dimanche, Quartier Leopold is a Belgian and French brasserie which has made a name for itself thanks to the quality of its cuisine and its service. Since then, we have passed down from generation to generation our family values, our passion for cooking and our commitment to our customers.


Authentic flavors from Belgium and France

At Quartier Leopold, we are proud to offer traditional Belgian and French cuisine with a modern touch. We use fresh, quality ingredients to prepare flavorful dishes that celebrate the culinary richness of these two countries.


Creative and inventive cuisine

Our talented chef is constantly looking for new ideas to revisit traditional Belgian and French recipes. Supported by his second, Abdoul Diallo who does not hesitate to bring his notes of African and Asian cuisine. We like to experiment and create innovative dishes that will amaze your taste buds.

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